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Dr. Bill Tollefson
(561) 247-1304
About : Dr. Bill

First and foremost, my passion is my family. I am a husband, a father, and recently, a grandfather. The name Papa Bill has been added to the list of names to which I will happily answer. It is my close knit family that gives me the strength and passion to reach out to this community called Earth and help others find their own strength and passion. My work as a certified master life coach, certified master addiction recovery coach, certified master business coach, author, talk radio show co-host and professional speaker uniquely qualify me to address whatever you bring to the table.

When considering my work, I would have to say that my mission and passion is to help and guide people to make a positive change to their lives. I have developed a groundbreaking coaching method called Personal Philosophy. This method has made a significant difference in the lives of people I have been honored to coach. I was a therapist for 35 years in the mental health field, and I never saw people make such rapid changes, break down barriers, achieve success, and release carried resentments which blocked them from the success they wanted as I have with the Personal Philosophy methodology. Life coaching allows individuals to find "their answers" through a question-oriented process and the power of writing assignments. Coaching is all about forming a team relationship for the purpose of helping a client achieve what they want out of life. It includes giving the client the tools to no longer be stuck asking "Why" about their past all the time.

I am happy to announce that I have just completed my second book, Personal Philosophy: Making a Positive Change in which I describe my principles of personal philosophy and the four key elements that make up this method. In reading this book, you will see how all four key elements either motivate you toward growth and to be successful or they block your accomplishments in life.

To provide valuable interactive support to the information in this book, I have created this website, Making A Positive Change in which you can personally experience immediate results from the 30 Day Intensive Life Changing Challenge. This will enable you to experience the dynamic life-changing effects of the 30 Day Intensive Life Changing Challenge ... a wonderful new self-change tool that will help you make a positive change in all areas of your life.

Let me give you a little background so you understand the wealth of knowledge, skill and experience that has gone into creating the Personal Philosophy. My formal education is as a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, board certified hypnotherapist, board certified clinical psychotherapist, certified incorporation therapy therapist, certified reality therapist, and trauma therapist with 35 years of mental health experience as well as a founder and owner of a successful nationally renowned inpatient psychiatric program that helped thousands of desperately suffering individuals. Recently, I returned to college to take off in a new direction and earned certifications at a master level in life coaching, holistic addiction recovery coaching, trauma coaching, business coaching, memory coaching, rapid reduction therapy, and subconscious transformation. I am very privileged to have learned from some of the best coaches, professors, therapists, hypnotherapists and psychiatrists in the world. It wasn't until I went back to school to pursue this extensive program of study that I felt empowered and opened myself up to a whole new way of thinking. Along with this new consciousness, I learned how to help people achieve a more successful life by helping them learn new life skills, gain a new vision, develop a new personal philosophy, regain their personal authority, change their mental coding, and create a strong relationship with their inner self and ... most happily ... to never look back again.

"To make a positive change requires action."

Is it possible to make a positive change? The answer to that question is an absolute “Yes!” Starting right where you are in your life, you can move forward into more success. How? You accomplish this by recognizing core beliefs that are generating negative thoughts in your mind and keeping you stuck. Then you develop new core beliefs. It is well known that if you think positive thoughts or envision positive situations, then you will be drawn toward those experiences. What has not been understood before now is the power of core beliefs accumulated over the course of your life time, and just how powerful these core beliefs are on your daily ability to function. Core beliefs operate in the background (subconscious), and are constantly influencing your foreground (thinking, behaving and feeling). It is possible to make a positive change ... if you take advantage of help when it is offered.

Don't wait ... start your journey today!

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