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Making a Positive Change: Intensive Life Changing Challenge

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Making a Positive Change
30 Day Challenge

Intensive Life Changing Model

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Where's your passion in life? What really drives you? Do you know what you really want in this life? Do you have the tools to uncover the hidden barriers to your personal growth? No one is an island ... and you were never meant to figure out everything in this life all by yourself. There is no crime or weakness in seeking assistance. Making A Positive Change will let you finally begin to live the life you were meant to live. Everyone has bad habits and limiting beliefs which seriously impede your ability to live your life to the fullest and truly experience happiness and success in the here and now. Uncovering those habits and limits with Dr. William Tollefson will quickly and easily lead to true fulfillment and real lasting happiness. The time has come to take action to make a difference in the way you live from this day forward.


Be honest ... how many self help books have you bought in your life? You have endless motivation to make positive changes in your life, but what you are lacking is the tools. It is not your fault that all those books on self improvement didn't actually improve anything. Learning the steps to making a positive change is so much easier when you have a step by step guide which has been proven time and again to create positive results. The time is now to take action to Change Your Life With A Master Life Coach and move forward with self confidence and new life skills into a place where you are filled with empowerment. Your expectations will not be disappointed. This is the time and place where everything changes ... like getting struck by lightning ... your life will be different after you take this step.


Just imagine for a moment if you could connect each of your limiting beliefs with the exact moment when that belief took root in your mind and became part of the code that ran your life. Then once you have that connection, you can trace the effect that limiting idea has had on your life. You can see how it has impacted your decisions, your emotions and your values. Do you think this would have value and lead to you having the personal power to change your life? The answer is clear ... Absolutely! How many times have you wondered how do you make a change and alter the path you are on? The 30 Day Challenge by Dr. William Tollefson is the key to making a positive change in your personal philosophy. With this simple program, you will see dramatic changes in your life in a very short amount of time. This is one very powerful personal development program which will cut to the core of the issue and uproot the negative identity you have created for yourself. Then it doesn't just leave you there ... You will be given very specific instructions for reprogramming your brain - to write a new code of your own choosing - to be a positive change agent to help you create the life you've never even dared to dream of. Dr. Bill Tollefson's 30 Day Challenge can make a difference in the way you live ... a difference in everything. Empower yourself today ... this is a set of personal skills which will change your world in a wonderful and amazing way.

"How do I say thank you to the man who has saved my life. In a short period of time (4 months) he has helped me turn my life around. He has taken me from a very angry, hostile man to a confident, happy and relaxed individual. He has taught me the most important part of my evolvement and that is to continually live in the moment, take command and earn self respect. "

By: [ Hal Lechner ]

"Dr. Bills Life Coaching is helpful and valid. Several years ago he taught me how to minimize bad memories that I had from childhood and effected my current life enjoyment. His skill of helping me to dig up my rooted core beliefs has been life changing. The skills he taught me were extremely effective and assisted me to reset my mind, change my attitude as well as my view of my life. I continue to utilize and refer clients to Dr. Tollefson's Life Coaching services because it clearly works. "

By: [ Mark S .Ellinger Psy.D., Boca Raton, Florida ]

" Dr. Bill Tollefson is a most remarkable human being and has the only clear understanding of dissociative identity disorder I have ever come across in my lifetime, even working years in the field of mental health. Every mental health practitioner that deals with PTSD or individuals that have suffered great trauma has much to learn from him. And The System Unification Method works! "

By: [ PV Colorado, USA ]

"Dr. Bill Tollefson never stops learning or giving to the patients he works with. I met him many years ago and he is a great man who saved my life, when I had lost all hope. He understood the pain I was going through and care for all of his patients. He is one of those earth angels for many of us, who even though life has dealt out some of the worse situations, the word of Dr. Bill remain in our hearts forever. He never candy coated life, yet made us see into our consciousness and replace the pas"

By: [ D'Maria Scaglione ]

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Are You Stuck in a Dead End Job?

I sit at my desk every day and say to myself, "I hate this job!” But every day I come back and do the same job with the same people week after week. Does this sound like you? If you used to find your job exciting and dynamic, it may be that you've outgrown your role and are ready for a promotion. Or maybe you only took this job because you never really had the opportunity or the education to do the job you always wanted to do. Are you ready for a change? What is stopping you?

My 30 day Life Changing Challenge is designed to help you evaluate your life up until this point and the give you the skills to create an action plan to start your career in a new direction. Take stock in yourself and create a life you want to live.

Are You Stuck in a Dead End Job?

I sit at my desk every day and say to myself, "I hate this job!” But every day I come back and do the same job with the same people. Does this sound like you? If your job used to be exciting and dynamic, it may be that you've outgrown your role and are ready for the next step. Or maybe you only took this job because you never really had the opportunity or the education to do the job you always wanted to do. Are you ready for a change? What is stopping you?

My 30 day Life Changing Challenge is designed to help you evaluate your life up until this point, and give you skills which you will need so you may create an action plan to steer your career in a new direction. Take stock in yourself and create the life you want to live.

Are you like so many people who start a weight loss/ exercise program with so much motivation and excitement?

Follow me here.... You go to the store and buy all the right foods, go home and throw out every comfort food that you have stored in your pantry and refrigerator. Opening the freezer you move out the tub of ice cream to make room for the frozen fruit 100 calorie bars.

Now that you have the kitchen in order you go out to buy a new work out video or even join the gym and spend the first 3 days with the free trainer and sweat off the first 5 lbs. After all this, you go back to your old eating habits within a few days. Soon the exercise stops, before you know it you have gained the 5 lbs you'd lost plus a couple more.

Have you ever wondered why?

Why is it you wanted to lose weight and can't seem to stick with the program?

Not sticking to a diet or exercise plan is not about a lack of will power or being weak. It is about how your brain thinks. The belief systems that you have formed throughout your lifetime is what is driving you. It is the core beliefs about yourself that will block you from achieving your goals.

Wouldn't you love to go through the above scenario and actually stay with it? Wouldn't it be great to move past that first difficult week and begin to feel proud and happy with your success?

Once you discover the blocks that are standing in your way and understanding why they are there, you’ll be able to shift them into a positive belief. It is then that you can start to complete goals and your brain will begin to work for you and not against you.

I am Dr. Bill Tollefson, life coach, I have discovered the secret to help you understand your own personal philosophy and how it can either help or hinder your growth and success. I have created a self- improvement program that will help you put to rest limiting beliefs and give you the power to get what you want out of life.

My formal education led me to a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. I have certifications as a board certified hypnotherapist, certified reality therapist and board certified clinical psychotherapist. I have been trained in specific techniques such as hypnosis, neuro linguistics programming, and EMDR therapy from some of the best clinicians in the country. I have studied and have a private practice as a Master life coach where I have spent time coaching my clients, enabling them to uncover the truths about why they are unable to move forward. It is here that the discovery of the personal philosophy method was originated. This personal philosophy method is the key to unlocking to door to your own personal success.

Now is your chance to make it happen. Act now and begin to break down the barriers that have held you back from your weight loss goals.

I believe that the 30 Day Life Changing Challenge program which I have developed is a game changer and can help you positively change everything!

Pursue Your Dreams

Find the Courage to Dream and Live that Dream

“I always knew I was going to be a lawyer -- a tax-lawyer, in fact. I knew I was going to spend my life in a big office with my name on the door, surrounded by attorneys who looked up to me. Not that I wanted to – I didn't want that at all."
Now, my dream life...it looked completely different. It didn't involve working in a law office let alone having my own law office with my name on the door. That was something my father dreamed for me. Not only did he dream this life for me he told me and everyone he ever knew that this is what I was going to do with my life. I wanted to make my dad proud. So, off I went to study law, and I was miserable. I began feeling bad about myself because I couldn't keep up in collage. The fact was I just wasn't interested. I didn't care about the law or about the other people who were interested in law. I wanted to quit. But I didn't want to let my father down...."

This scenario is one I hear so many times in my practice. I find that many people will live out the dreams of another just to make them happy. Helping people discover their own dreams and the courage to live their dreams is my passion. Whether it is through the 30 Day Life Changing Challenge or actual life coaching sessions, I love helping people like you who want to follow their own path and live the life they have always dreamed of. Take action today and live your dreams.

What is Happiness?

The Pursuit of True Happiness

Find the Courage to Dream and Live that Dream

The United States Declaration of Independence tells us that we have the inalienable right to "Life' Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." It seems as though we are always in search of this feeling of happiness at all costs. What causes the confusion is when you find yourself searching for happiness by the definition of others. Your objective becomes one that you try and make others happy rather than yourself' thereby losing your own happiness for the sake of others.

This is a very common experience to many people who were taught that happiness is gained by creating happiness for others. Now I am not saying that you shouldn’t help others or make other people in your life happy. You should allow yourself to be truly happy by creating the life you want' loving yourself first and creating your own definition of happiness which will increase your clarity and fulfilment in life.

The 30 Day Challenge helps you to find out what your true definition of happiness is' what you want in life and what has been stopping you from achieving the happiness you have the right to.

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